View Full Version : Extra tips for those who need help from my perspective (major spoilers)

3rd Aug 2003, 17:33
Here is some points that I think might help those of us who need extra tips to beat the game. For very Experienced player, you might find these as no brainers:

1) You can jump further if you run before jumping. You can even jump further than that, if you sprint before jumping. Mapping the Sprint button to a different locaton may help.

2) Some lasers you can bypass through some acrobatic moves.

3) For a perfect swim, if you run out of breath, this means you are traveling longer than need to or there is an intermediate place with air for breather.

4) Some pipes leaking hot water vapours can kill if you have to climb this pipe. Usually, there is a way to shut off the pipe.

5) Red Ghost: Read everything that is said about it and then remember the following:

The reason we need to shoot the ghost in certain way and only approach the statue after shooting is because that is the prerequisite for the had icon to appear. Furthermore and unfortunately, the hand icon only appears for a short time. So have in your mind that the hand icon will appear only a very short time and ONLY after you shoot the ghost in certain way only. That is the reason we have to follow the process described by other people. Do not short cut it because this is how it works.

6) Kurtis levels: Try to pick up all ammo and try as much as possible to fight enemies manually. Save before each enemy fight and even if you win, if you lose health, repeat it. Ammo needed for Boaz

7) Kurtis + proto: Read all other posts and then remember: do not waste your ammo at all, try as much as possible to fight proto manually and try to save health as much as possible. Your hard work there will help with Boaz.

8) Kurtis + Boaz: Read all other posts and then remember: I have experminted with Boaz with Cheats. If you take unlimited amount of ammo and unlimited amount of health for Kurtis and you keep shooting Boaz without changing Targetting, it will not work. Furthermore, the targetting button is the END button and will ONLY work as so, while you are actually shooting; otherwise, it will flip Kurtis and this will be guaranteed failure. When Kurtis is standing and he has to run because Boaz is going to attack, it is better to JUMP than to run; because when you hit run, he will walk the first few steps guaranteeing his failure. There is one ammo that keeps appearing after you completely run out of ammo. They keep appearing at the same location. Make sure to have ammo after you defeat Boaz because the war is not over and it starts immediately. You cannot hand-fight boaz unfortunately.

9) In the biomedical dome or research: There are two security passes on the ground level. get them first to make your life easier. One when you shoot one person and the other simply on the ground (In fact, the second person dies automatically, when you kill the first person :) )

10) The first timer run: need to run to get a door because it closes: Do not worry about the shooting bullets from the walls, only worry about the the blades. When pressing jump, press it once, do not keep your finger on jump. It will not make Lara jumps higher or faster; however, it will trigger a second jump that will ruin the sequence and timing of the next jump over the blades.

11) the second timer run: read the walkthrough, they hit the point very well.