View Full Version : Louve Sewers

3rd Aug 2003, 15:02
I have the map for the sewers but I cannot seem to open it even when Lara tells me to check the map in the 'oil smelling room'. There are two places to set my explosives, which is the right one as Lara isn't sure! Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem?

Another problem, I cannot seem to change my target by pressing the square button, in fact Lara goes a bit out of control when she's aiming at something, her movements are erratic which results in me re-holstering the gun and getting shot at myself! Have I got a bad game maybe? Help!

James Bond
3rd Aug 2003, 15:07
I had the same problem, for some reason I couldn't call up the map and it was really frustrating me.

The one you need to plant the explosives on is the tank furthest away from the way you come in. Remember to jump in the water wont you!

3rd Aug 2003, 15:25
The map of the sewers has no function, it is just there. You can't use it (PS2 + PC).

3rd Aug 2003, 16:17
All the map does is let you know when you get to the right place to put the bomb