View Full Version : Help me, stuck in Hall of Seasons !!

3rd Aug 2003, 14:34
I put the 4 crsytal in their places and i am in this machine room, i opened 2 valves, wind and earth( i think). I spotted the fire valve , but this water valve is so far away from everywhere ( i tried to jump from the platform in which i opened the earth valve 100 times). how can i reach that valve, is there a trick or simply i have to be a better jumper???

Thank you

3rd Aug 2003, 15:08
From where you opened the earth valve go down the ladder one level and make a running jump.

3rd Aug 2003, 16:19
there are 2 cables to shimmy across for 2 of the valves

3rd Aug 2003, 16:29
Thanks for the reply,

Now i am in this at the top room.

" through the keeper of the safe behold the truth" room...... this demon dude is chasing me down, i have no idea what to do, that blue light must be transferred to each other in a certain sequence or what ??

help me out please!!!

3rd Aug 2003, 16:44

you can probably find more help using the search feature