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3rd Aug 2003, 10:55
as it says in the readme file:

"Changes in this patch:

NEW: Multimonitor support (new "device" box in the Video options screen) ...."

What? can i use several monitors who are on different levels of the station or what?

4th Aug 2003, 08:45
I didn't know that.

Since I hooked my TV upto my pc as well as my monitor only a few days ago, I'll go test for you and report back!

4th Aug 2003, 08:53
It looks like if gives you the choice of which monitor to render to, so no monitor-spanning. (But I might be wrong)

But, tbh, that's damn nice because it's the first game I've tried since I hooked up the TV that'll work with the TV being an extension! I have it set to clone most of the time so that I can actually play games . . .

4th Aug 2003, 12:05
Then i guess you have a BIG tv.... When i hooked up my tv it was pretty hard to read even the biggest texts...

5th Aug 2003, 12:37
No, I have a 14inch TV, it's smaller than my monitor (17). I can't read anything but the largest text.

But it's useful for watching movies (cos I can see it from my bed easier - it's mounted on the wall :)) and for some games (I use it for racing games and such) or for if I have a group of people over - cos they can't all see the monitor at once if I'm sat at the computer.

TV's also provide a small degree of 'free' antialiasing so you can play at lower resolutions with greater quality. (And lower res = more performance, although I don't need the performance it'll be nice for when my hardware is older)

I keep meaning to cart my PC downstairs to try on my 'house' TV, which is some wide-screen beast of 30-odd inchs. But I don't have a cat5 that'll reach the hub and I want my internet access.

Also, if I put the monitor into span mode (not cloning like I normally have) I can put things on it I don't need to read, like winamp.

Mucky Foot
5th Aug 2003, 22:42
Yes, in theory you can choose any monitor you like to play StarTopia on. One slight problem is that I've never actually tested this code, so ... erm ... have fun and report back on how you got on and all :-) And also I'm not sure if you can play StarTopia on one screen and, for example, browse the web on another. Actually, that's a lie - I'm pretty sure you can't. This functionality is mainly for people who have a small monitor and a big one, and for various reasons (boring stuff to do with which PCI or AGP slot gets priority at system boot-up time), StarTopia starts by default on the small one. You should be able to kick it over to the big one.

There is no facility for playing StarTopia on more than one monitor at a time.

TomF - Muckyfoot coder.

Mucky Foot
5th Aug 2003, 22:45
Hmmmm... clone the output to the telly and use the CLIVEROOLZ cheat and get the authentic ZX Spectrum experience - low rez, blocky colours, and everything in glorious smudge-o-vision! :-)