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3rd Aug 2003, 05:36
I'm working on Maguire Part Two, and I've been having this reoccurring error that crashes Dromed:

Index 65534 out of range (dynarray.h Line:379)

This error starts almost two days ago. I have an elevator, but the elevator has been in my level for over a month and caused minimal problems that I fixed then. The error first occurred after I placed double doors on my structure - and they had to be placed diagonally (which I know is chancey). So, finally, I just got rid of the doors (after losing days of hard work - :mad: ). And I thought that fixed the problem, but as soon as I close out of Dromed, reopen Dromed, and open my file the error hits and Dromed crashes. I have to keep going back one more file than what I did the day before. I am so extremely frustrated! Anyone have any idea what this is about???

3rd Aug 2003, 13:36
You might glean something from this thread:


3rd Aug 2003, 18:29
i know that error! if i recall it was my double doors causing it. i deleted the doors, then put them in again and the molding i had created around the doors, i delted those and done them again. the error went away. i had two sets of double doors do that to me......

another thing to do to get rid of index out of range errors(typically see this error when your level gets big) is to optimize it and then run the pathfind. ive found that doing that kills alot of pathfind/index errors....

4th Aug 2003, 13:30
Yay!! I didn't lose 12 hours of work this time!

I had thought the double doors were the problem originally (and they may have been), but after I deleted them and updated everything (and computed db) - the message would still come with a fresh load of the mission. But then I followed Komag's most on-the-nose link to find Amievil's post about the same issue. Someone mentioned it sounded like something was out of bounds and it clicked. I had created my blue room much later in the mission, and didn't even think to see where I created it. My default.rep kept giving me errors with all my inventory. I moved the blue room into bounds, reportalized, did all the normal stuff, crossed my fingers, and closed Dromed. Opened it back up, and wala! I'm so happy!!!

I'd forgotten that other forums exist besides Eidos and TTLG :o

9th Aug 2003, 20:32
these index out of range errors can drive you mad. i forgot to mention that i kept getting an "out of world" message as well. i got that error of index out of range several times in hells motel 2.
hmm, my current fm has no errors, thats what scares me more than anything :D