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3rd Aug 2003, 05:31
I just completed AOD the other day and I am still tomb raider hungry. I'm still playing tomb raider 1 and I am thinking of buying tomb raider: the last revelation. I was going to buy a gamecube mainly for Resident Evil, but figured it wasn't worth it since I don't really like the gamecube game selection. And I thought I might as well get a good tomb raider-type game since its going to be a while for the next tomb raider. I've made a list of games that interest and just want to see your opinion on the game if you've played it:

indian jones emperor's tomb


Blood Omen 2 (Might as well have to try a game made by our new TR developers :D)

Project Eden


If there are any others that can think of good games, than please let me know. :)


3rd Aug 2003, 10:10
I've got one for ya!! Drakan: the acients gates, it's kinda like tombraider but then medieval, and the leading lady in this game has a dragon as a side kick! I realy enjoyed this game, if you like tombraider you'll like this game.