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3rd Aug 2003, 03:32
I bought TRIII for PC a while back and I got really far. Well I don't use PC anymore since I use mac. Well just recently I found a blank cd with tomb raider III save files. Before I go out and buy the mac version of tomb raider III, would the PC save files work with mac?

3rd Aug 2003, 03:57
don't think so. They're in a completely different format, i think. Do you intend to put the PC version on a mac, because that won't work.

3rd Aug 2003, 04:59
Originally posted by LaraCroft_TombRaider
Do you intend to put the PC version on a mac, because that won't work.

Now come on, don't expect me to be that dumb.

6th Aug 2003, 05:03
sorry, i meant no offense. I shouldn't have questioned you like that. Very rude on my part.

6th Aug 2003, 12:49
nah, I over reacted. :)

15th Aug 2003, 16:06
dont think they would work, so you could download one from stella's site.


the mac versions are under the pc's

15th Aug 2003, 17:16
but isn't that considered cheating? I hate cheating in games.

15th Aug 2003, 18:40
yeah, but just download the level that you were on and change it back to the amount of items/ammo you originally had (if you can remember) etc with a savegame editor (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr3/utilities.html)

15th Aug 2003, 18:54
Is their a mac version of the savegame editor?

16th Aug 2003, 07:24
i dont know:confused: