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3rd Aug 2003, 00:25
I am having a hard time understanding this. AOD was not that bad a game, the plotline was diluted yes, however it had a really good essence that I am excited to see develop. Eidos and COre did someting unique and expanded upon Lara. ANd because of it, and the forced delays, and the corpoarte bs, we are all whining and fighting and shouting. The game is cool, the scenes are intriguing and maybe it missed the mark a bit, but it still hit the target I think.
IN reference to the numerous--nay say I endless--threads of AOD bashers, please we understand. Now sit back and let those who enjoyed the game have their say. I understand why you do not like it, but I do not understand why you cannot see LIKED it. Calm down, it's only a game, not the end of the world. IF your so angry, go write a lara story to relieve it. THese posts are all getting sad and ridiculous. Obviously, to realize it sucks so much, you must have played it many times.

3rd Aug 2003, 00:47
true words!

3rd Aug 2003, 01:57
I largely agree, but someone will probably come along and say "people are entitled to their opinions", which is just as true.

3rd Aug 2003, 11:11
bosef1982: yes, I agree the game wasn't 'all bad', but the point is that it was very definitely *not* the 'Triple-A' title it was hyped-up to be. This was and is unforgivable in many people's opinion.

Lara is better than average. She always will be. But this game does her no favours whatsoever.

3rd Aug 2003, 19:35
I agree with you. I do feel that there were some good points to the game. I have played the game through from start to finish four times now. Having played it so many times now I can say that these good things were few and far between. I feel that as Ralo put it, the game was not the 'triple-A' game that fans were led to believe it was. It is excrutiatingly clear that the game was rushed and large portions of the game were chopped, edited or completely severed from the final product. To deny this fact, one would be simply naive. For that reason, the game in fact did not hit the target that it should have. Also understand that just because someone has an opinion that doesn't quite 'jive' with your own, or you perceive it to be an otherwise negative view, that does not equate that person to a 'basher' of the game. I am not denying that there are people in this forum who have 'bashed' the game, it is evident that there are. What I am saying is, that a great deal of the so called 'bashers' have actually formed quite coherent, logical and indepth views on the game, pointing out not only the bad but the good qualities of the game as well. It has been said by some here that the negative people are 'louder than the rest' so we tend to see more of them. This does hold some truth, but at the same time, people are focusing too much on the negatives in those particular posts ..thereby deliberately and outright ignoring any positivity that may lie within the exact same posts.
The fact remains that its not that the negative people are 'louder', it is simply because their numbers ARE greater than those who truly and completely enjoyed the game. At least from what I can see in this forum anyway. Nobody likes to be the minority and I can empathize with those who enjoyed the game no matter what. The reason so many people give their opinions on this forum is for one reason: it is the OFFICIAL forum for the game. If one would want their opinion to be heard by the game's publishers/developers then there is no better forum in which to do so.
This is a public forum and nobody is preventing anyone from having their say. As it has been said 'people are enititled to their opinions' and this is the place to do it.
In closing, if someone wants to vent their frustrations and opinions here, remember this: No person is wrong for hating the game and no person is right for liking it and vice versa.

Calm down, it's only an opinion, not the end of the world.

4th Aug 2003, 12:08
Obviously, to realize it sucks so much, you must have played it many times.
nah, it only took one time :rolleyes:

4th Aug 2003, 12:12
This game, is the best game I ever played, and I can't believe core is going to leave us.