View Full Version : A Great disappointment

2nd Aug 2003, 18:20
As a huge fan of all versions before AOD and having finished the game, I have to say that I agree with some others that Eidos have forgotten what the joy of Lara was. Extremely bad movements of the characters, forget about the story, and ... I don't want to play two characters.
What about the difficult jumps and moves we were used to? Even in TR I , remember how to jump up, backflip, sideways to get to a secret door in St. Francis' Folly???
What about having to backtrack in search of items? I don't want a hand to tell me that there is something to pickup. In other words... a great disappointment. Give us the 'old' Lara back!

2nd Aug 2003, 18:21
It may shock and amaze you to learn that there are *multiple* threads on this already. With such opinions expressed every damn day in fresh posts, this place is becoming increasingly like a morgue.

2nd Aug 2003, 18:28
Kurtis is just a very small part, most is still Lara. The moves are not extremely bad. They might be better in older games, but not so terrible. There are still some secrets, but they are well hidden and you don't hear a sound when you find one. Some of them need timed jumpings to reach them.

If you rushed through the game, you missed a lot of fun. Take your time to play it. Don't leave an area unless you are sure you got everything.