View Full Version : TRLE stopped working....

Billy the Kid2
2nd Aug 2003, 14:26
Howdy Pardners...
I've just updated my video card from a nvidia tnt2 to nvidia geforce4 mx 440 so's I can play AOD.... anyways, AOD still wont run and what's more I cant access winroomedit????? Is there a solution to this problem. TRLE would only work with older drivers in my TNT.... Billy

2nd Aug 2003, 16:55
Sounds like a driver problem Billy the Kid2, make sure the video card is directX9 compatable if you are using directx9. If not, give me a few more details like driver versions and what you have installed and the Windows version as well.
Also make sure (and this is the obvious one :D ) that your screen is set to 16bit and not 32bit colour.