View Full Version : Would you like to see Lara on XBox?

2nd Aug 2003, 14:08
Just wondering... would anyone else like to see Lara make the move to XBox?

I only ask as it's painfully obvious at times that the dear old PS2 clearly struggles with the demands the game engine puts upon its restrictive technology. I've got both a PS2 and an XBox and I'm sure many of you do, too.

In review after review of games ported from PS2 to XBox, the XBox version seems to become the 'definitive' version (Medal of Honour/Nightfire/Desert Storm/Wolfenstein, etc) because of improved frame-rates, better texturing and lighting and, of course, the whole XBox Live phenomenon.

Please *don't* interpret this as an attack on PS2, I love my PS2 too, you know! But having played some games (such as Enclave) on the XBox which really do shine, and having experienced a taste of what Microsoft's Box can get up to when properly programmed-for I can't help but wish Lara would rent a few rooms on XBox.

Or is this an *improvement* too far for most of you?

2nd Aug 2003, 14:32

This question's already been asked, and blaming Sony for AOD's flaws is a bit much.

2nd Aug 2003, 18:09
This has been asked several times before....the largest thread I can see for this is here:


(searching the forum can really help eliminate this multiple posting for the same topic)

2nd Aug 2003, 18:31
Yup, there is already a post on this topic. And to answer your question, NO. The problems with the AOD engine had nothing to do being on the PS2 hardware since it had the same problems on the PC. And I actually thought the graphics in the PS2 version of AOD were great. They could have been mistaken for an xbox game.


2nd Aug 2003, 18:45
This thread is a bit shorter than the "When ps2 fanboy's attack!!" thread. :confused:

so.. Yes I would like to see LC on eggbox. :)

light fuse......retire.

2nd Aug 2003, 20:05
Lara's gona be back in around 2 years, by that time Xbox will be old. Might as well see her on the ps3 next.

If there isnt gona be a ps3, then still no from me, I already have a ps2 and unlike some I am not a collector of consoles. :D

2nd Aug 2003, 20:43
HECK NO!!!!!! TO PUT IT NICELY i think the PS2 is a whole lot beter than the X-Box. The X-Box sucks.

2nd Aug 2003, 21:29
Lara on Xbox? No Thanks...got my PC for that.

2nd Aug 2003, 21:51
Originally posted by Mgardiner
Lara on Xbox? No Thanks...got my PC for that. Me, too...

2nd Aug 2003, 22:03
Okay, I'm sorry for starting a thread that's already been done on the forum.