View Full Version : arghhhh red ghost!

2nd Aug 2003, 05:14
How on earth do I get the dang painting when the blue light doesn't show up until I run around for 20 seconds! That dang ghost is the only thing not in slow motion. He pauses for 2 seconds after I shoot him 10 times. 1 shot per 3 seconds! Then it takes Lara 10 seconds to run to the statue! grrrrrrr

Lil Lara
2nd Aug 2003, 05:36
I shot the ghost with the shotgun that she picks up in that same room (I think it was a shotgun) as I was running towards the light. meh. Worked for me. *shrug* Good luck! :)

2nd Aug 2003, 06:19
OMG I finally did it after 2 days!! I'll hear that ghost in my sleep!! Annoying!! I hate to say it guys but I found it easier shooting the ghost standing up. He stays still longer. That's how I finally did it. In slow motion I might add!! grrrrr It's so nice to play in normal motion now for a change. Gee I wonder how long that will last? I just got the gas mask....so far so good. Touch wood!