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2nd Aug 2003, 00:47
The one thing that I Would like to see in IW is the abiliy to touch every thing. Like being able to turn of a light or shooting it out.
setting of car alarms and stuff like that.

Please post your ideas

2nd Aug 2003, 02:33
Yes, if it could be at least splintercell like, I would be happy. I know its not a splintercell, but since there throwing in more stealth stuff, It would help.

2nd Aug 2003, 03:11
Come to think of it hasnt anyone ever wondered how you crouch and fit in the vents. It just seems impossible because if you even COULD go in them you would have to crawl. Also carrying weapons such a s a gep gun and a sniper rifle. It is very unrealistic but I do hope they do sqaut about it becuase the vents are as cool as hell because they offer another way into somthing and are another stealth element.

2nd Aug 2003, 05:12
Why is everyone so crazed about realism. For me, games are an ESCAPE from reality. I do like the idea of being able to touch everything though, but that falls more under immersion than realism. But having to drop a GEP gun to fit in a duct or something like that? That just takes away from the overall fun factor of the game. It makes you say: " Aw man!" It's more fun to have the freedom to tuck that thing under your overcoat. It's better to say: "That's kind of unrealistic" than saying: "Crap I have to leave this thing behind?" Such is my humble opinion.

2nd Aug 2003, 05:16
I'd like to have the option to go into third-person view in DXIW, to be able to see how visible my character is to others. With the awesome new lighting engine in place this would probably work very well. It could maybe be a kind of aug like a camera drone.

2nd Aug 2003, 12:51
Originally posted by From_God
It could maybe be a kind of aug like a camera drone.
Didn't they have one of those in Deus Ex. I know it was intended to spy on other people or disable bots but you could probably turn around to look at yourself. It did take up a lot of bioenergy though and after you used it it took 30 seconds to build a new one. Mabee just a button to go into a 3rd person view would work better.

In another thread somone mentioned that one of the bars in the new hud would tell you how visible you are like the one in the theif series. That will probably be very useful with the new engine.

2nd Aug 2003, 13:26
Yes, the vents rule. You could go in one, and end up throughout the entire building, picking everyone off one at a time with the coolest weapon: Tranqualizer dart crossbow. Then you can go in and take over with no trouble.

2nd Aug 2003, 19:31
the normal darts worked pretty good too. if you put a scope on the crossbow you could snipe with it and get head shots

4th Aug 2003, 08:07
I dislike too much realism in my games. I doubt i'd have any fun in DX1 if the weapons weren't semi-realistic; if cars didn't have their own physics in GTA3; or if i couldn't take advantage in the GHOUL system in Soldier of Fortune. But realism is not overly needed. At least not in DX2. Its a good idea to include it - convincing 3D models, weapons, physics, storyline bits, city architecure, etc. But these things, in themselves, aren't realistic, they just take form based on reality.

Point in case, GTA3's example again. The metropolis is very convincing and life-like - however, in real life, i doubt i could pack a baseball bat and hit everyone on the streets without any civilian deciding to help. There has to be a commitment between fun and realism.

All you see in DX:IW in terms of realism is there to help gameplay, not make it absolutely realism-driven. The fact you can carry a GEP, several rifles, a shotgun and grenades and still crawl trough a vent is yet another point of compromise between credibility and gameplay. As realistic as it would be to have to drop almost all large items to fit trough a ventilation duct, would it help the game? Would it satisfy you? Would it make the game better? Hardly.

When you look at Splinter Cell, carrying very few weapons adds to the gameplay of that game because it makes it more fun that way. Each game has its gameplay factors. SC is HEAVILLY based on stealth. In fact, success in SC is only accomplished (majorly) trough stealth. DX on the other hand gives you options - stealth or combat (or both). Both stealth and combat are important. SC was much more about stealth and using nightvision goggles, and sneaking up on someone and knock them out cold. In DX:IW you won't even have to touch anyone. Now, would it have helped to the gameplay of SC to carry 25 weapons? Or to use augmentations? Again, hardly.

To each his own. DX:IW doesn't need layer upon layer of immersion or realism to be a good, and more importantly, a fun game. It does need good gameplay, however, which is much more important.

4th Aug 2003, 08:37
the only realism games need are AI and physics

4th Aug 2003, 17:24
Yeah, I dont want them to make is so realistic that you wouldn't be able to go in vents. I was just trying to point something out. :)

4th Aug 2003, 22:26

Realism can be fun:cool:

4th Aug 2003, 23:34
:confused: dead link

4th Aug 2003, 23:44
No it isn't. Maybe it's slow for you. Let it load.

5th Aug 2003, 13:55
Actually, I'd say it's pretty well dead.


5th Aug 2003, 15:18
Actually, i'd say claims of its death may have been exagerated. I can perfectly see the site. :confused: Could it be you all have browser problems?

It appears to be an Unreal Tournament TC, focusing (too much) on realistic military combat.

5th Aug 2003, 16:24
I have must tried before it had that first cup of coffee. ;)

5th Aug 2003, 20:38
the reason i mentioned the idea was because i hated that the lights couldn't be affected, which sucked for stealth. when there was very little light you were practically invisible.

5th Aug 2003, 20:40
Originally posted by Trollslayer
It appears to be an Unreal Tournament TC, focusing (too much) on realistic military combat.
Actually, many people play and enjoy the game including me and believe it's struck the perfect balance between realism and gameplay. Check the movies, the next version will be amazing.