View Full Version : Lara Croft the first videogame actress?

1st Aug 2003, 22:36
What if Lara Croft became the first videogame actress? I mean staring in different types of games while using her as the main character! She could have a different name in the game but it would say she was played by Lara Croft. For example:

1. Lara Croft as a spy
2. Lara Croft as acop
3. Lara Croft in a survival horror game

and so on

What does anyone think of this idea? and what Others do you think she could be in. :D

1st Aug 2003, 22:40
I say if she's got her line of sports bras she'd do reaaaaal good!

*cha ching*

2nd Aug 2003, 04:07
I'm not sure about that, but I really would like them to do a computer-type movie of Tomb Raider like they did for Final Fantasy! :D

2nd Aug 2003, 13:49
hehe I was just kidding -- yeppers, I would love to see Core make a movie...that would be awesome!

6th Aug 2003, 05:38
If I see the movie sequences in/between the levels... Yes, a full movie with the real Lara would be awesome!! I'm shure Core -for example- would be able to...