View Full Version : Superfly Lady

Candi Skyler
1st Aug 2003, 21:25
How doyou get Platinum in Superfly Lady. I can only get 1 min 54 secs.

1st Aug 2003, 22:18
Let me put it simple.
Start. Run right out the door, aim up, shoot lens, grab soviet, turn left, fire grenade, run forward, turn right, fire grenade, turn right more, fire grenade, strafe right, strafe left, run straight, turn right at doorway, aim up a bit, shoot lens on crate drone, cut between wall and box (grabbing body armor), fire grenade forward, aim up, shoot lens, move towards stairs, shoot next lens, turn left, fire grenade, back up, up the stairs, strafe right, up stairs, strafe-run left, turn corner, face next area, strafe right ASAP, strafe-run right, fire grenade near button, press button, die from grenade.

*respawn at bottom of hangar by soviet*

Strafe left, pick up soviet, run to door, run through next 2 doorways, turn right, aim between each wheel, fire grenades in each, turn right, shoot barrel, finish.

Time: 28.3 Very nice! Haha, okay, that's what I did, but of course you can't do it.

Candi Skyler
21st Aug 2003, 23:18
:eek: 28.3 !!! Are you sure! thats amazing. You just earned my respect!