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1st Aug 2003, 19:39
hi everyon im new here so i just want to know if lara is really alive after tomb raider last revelation


1st Aug 2003, 19:58

Is that a Joke :D No, seriosly :(

OK back to the questuon :)

Nope Lara didn't die in TRLR she also went to VonCroy in Paris at the begining of TRAOD (In the Modren day, unlike what happened in TRC)


1st Aug 2003, 20:02
What happened after trle is not totaly sure. After Lara dropped into the temple Von Croy walked away, but later he decided to go digging in hope to find her alive. He found her backpack (movie at end of TRC). Lara got out somehow and went to London. It's not sure if Von Croy gave her the backpack then. When she was in London, Von Croy contacted her and she came to Paris. Then AOD starts.

2nd Aug 2003, 02:28
He sent her backpack to London i think, and she lost it in Paris

11th Aug 2003, 22:27
well everyone thanks for the info i thinks im going to get the game as far i as i can now that my beloved lara i really alive

Leigh Croft
11th Aug 2003, 22:52
You do know he rule about new members don't you..........:p Just kidding!

12th Aug 2003, 21:06
Truly, The story Was like this:
Putai Da Shaman took Lara To some place for Training and everything.... That's What The story tells, Plus in the game,
there is Her Amulet, the Scarabeus (Not Sure bout' the word)
Bug. (It's not A Pickable Item in The Levels included in AOD)
And the Training took some time I think. Soo....
She got Out with help, Or She Actually Digged Herself Out From
There.... (I think The First is possible)