View Full Version : If there was a TimeSplitters 3........

31st Jul 2003, 22:24
This is what i'll want in it:

1- A make-a-character thing. A female robot in a mini skirt and TS2 t-shirt running around with a Tommy Gun! Shweet.

2- A better mapmaker. mapmaker on a different disk A (more space! right?) More space to make a VERY big course, perfect for people like me.

3- Courses that take place in prehistoric America, WW2 Berlin, Vietnam Jungles, destroied cities in the future, and more when you use your credit card lol.

4- More weapons and multi-player levels. To shoot, burn, blow up, destroy, and make a army of monkeys.

post your ideas here yo

5th Aug 2003, 13:46
If there was a time splittters 3 I'd blow my money on it and I think they should have a person maker thing. They also need beter tile pieces like the small fort things on the tranning grounds map.

Captin Snow
13th Aug 2003, 06:02
I don't have any ideas really.. In my opinion TS2 is flawless, probably because I rarely use map maker. Oh, well, one thing bothers me, Weapons. You can't pick enough for one game, and they aren't as inovative as I'd like them to be. (Like the stuff on Perfect Dark, now those were some bad ass weapons, hell Red Faction had more innovative weapons then TS2)

22nd Aug 2003, 15:29
Im pretty sure they are making a TS3, because in the credits it says Timesplitters will return. What I would like to see would be the perfect dark "feel" in Timesplitters 3. Thats my wish, and it should be no problem, since most of the people at Free Radical made Perfect Dark.

Dr. Tripper
6th Sep 2003, 15:40
TS doesn't need much changing. I'd probly buy 3 just for some new levels to try and new challnges etc.
The map maker could be improved by automatically having memory allocated for items in the room. so you cant design the walls, then run out of space to put respawn pooints and guns n stuff.
I like the attributes, so it would be good if you could design your char with them.

Dr. Tripper
6th Sep 2003, 15:42
Oh Yeah. TS3 levels should have more interactive scenery. Like that crate in the hangar, and the guns in the training ground.