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31st Jul 2003, 18:17
I have a sequence in my levels where the bull is needed, and even if he behaves like an idiot before the point in the picture below too, you can still outsmart him somehow to obey you. But in the piture below, just before the end of the sequence he seems to bump into the air for no reason - and I really don't understand why - he could manage steps and slopes, like the ones that are before him earlier, but he doesn't want to mastr this one it seems - there is no box square there, so there should be no reason for him to avoid going there, but I just don't know why he does that :confused:


31st Jul 2003, 20:56
Is that a door he has just come through or he is about to pass through? I had a door one square wide through which a skeleton would not go, I don't know why. But when I made the doorway two squares wide the skeleton went through it. It seems it did not like the narrow doorway. :( From looking at your picture it looks like you have three portals, one toggle opacity 2 and the others on either side toggle opacity - that's what I had with mine. Obviously the skeleton just wandered away when Lara went through the door but the bull will charge and hit the door if it can't go through.

I don't know if this helps Elvis, but I thought it was worth a mention.

1st Aug 2003, 06:42
Except in the original levels, he went thru a single width doorway.
If either side of the door is another toggle opacity door, that might be interfering with the door somehow. If, instead, those are objects on either side of the door, their collision might be interfering.

1st Aug 2003, 07:55
The door he has to go through is only ahead of him - but a thing even stranger is that, he doesn't bump into the air, when the door is closed (it's one door from the city of the dead double doors, if that makes a difference) and gladly smashes Lara to bits towards the door - but this situation in the picture occurs only when the door is open. I don't know if the 2 toggle opacity windows should affect this, cause he doesn't seem to be bothered by them before the door is opened :confused: And I believe I tried this sometime earlier too and the same thing as above.

1st Aug 2003, 09:55
You say he doesn't bump into the air when the door is closed, but I take it he does stop at the closed door? He doesn't go straight through it? The more I look at this it really does seem like the problem I had, I too had one door (object) between two toggle opacity portals and the skeleton would not go through the toggle opacity 2 portal even when the door was open. I had to put two square TO2 with two door objects and then the skeleton went through with no problem. Yes Aktrekker is right that in TR4 the bull went through single square doorways but there were no toggle opacity doors on either side, just walls. Try putting two doors in and see if he will go through it then. :)

Elvis I've just read your second post again, I'm not sure what you mean by "the door is ahead of him", it looks like he has stopped at the point between two red textured doors, is this not the doorway?

1st Aug 2003, 11:21
With door ahead of him I mean that the door is a bit further, not there where he bumps his head in, like here below:

|............................| <- Toggle OPpacity 1
|| <-Door...............| <-Bull "crash site"
|........*<-Lara........|<-Toggle OPacity 1

This small room was meant to bring the bull lower, cause the next room has the 10 click door which would go through the ceiling otherwise.

1st Aug 2003, 12:12
OK so the Crash Site :D is not where the door object is but it is where a TO2 portal between two rooms is? Then it's probably nothing to do with the actual door object but it might be the TO doors either side of the TO2 door. You could try, just as a test, disconnecting the three "doors" and then connect the rooms with one TO2 door and see if he passes through into the next room that way. If he does you could make the room a little bigger, say 6 blocks wide and if you want the TO textured doors, make them 2 blocks wide and a 2 block TO2 door in the middle.

Edit: but you say he only stops when the door is open? Oh well in that case I don't know then. Have you tried moving the door object a bit further away or in a different position (if that's possible)?

1st Aug 2003, 20:06
Well I've tried this myself and I found the sphinx would not go through whatever width portal (I made it 3 blocks wide) if there are toggle opacity doors on either side. I also had a door in front and it didn't matter whether it was open or shut he still would not go through the door. However, as soon as I removed the TO doors he went through.

A strange thing though, I tried putting a 1 in the OCB of the sphinx but he wasn't visible before being triggered, just appeared out of thin air. :confused: I thought that was supposed to make him sit until he is triggered.

1st Aug 2003, 21:11
Will try that tommorow then - the whole area will look worse without the red gratings - but oh, well, for now it's more important to get him to go further than to get him stuck in a nice environment :D

1st Aug 2003, 23:15
Well, if the bull doesn't like the TO thingies, then you could try to make the room (between the crash site and the door) out of three rooms (three long streched ones , just one block wide)..... This way the bull will only see a room with a door without TO..... Does this make any sense? :D

Just a thought..... ;)

9th Aug 2003, 15:52
Am sorry for the late reply, but I forgot about this problem till I replayed this to check out a new area :o But I tested this without the Toggle Opacity windows and the bull still bumps into air - I changed the location of the door and it still brings nothing to me :( Haven't tried Collins suggestion though will do it ASAP and see what happens)


edit - sorry for the big pic - will resize it right away

9th Aug 2003, 16:15
That is strange.

hmm, Have you tried copying the room then, deleteing the old version and connecting the copied verison to the room he is coming from right before he smashes into an invisible wall.

I don't know if this will help but, you could always create a test level and create the same type of puzzle and see if it happens in the test level. If it does happen then you will be able to isolate what is causing it better, Just a guess.

10th Aug 2003, 06:41
Don't forget to remove TO from BOTH sides of the doors.

11th Sep 2003, 16:40
I'm bumping this up, cause I think I know what the problem could be. Previously the part beyond the door and the one where the bull crashed was one room - now I've split them and the bull roams around the rooms before the door freely... BUT he still wont pass the door - enter the next room. The problem could be that it is there is a flip-map there in the next room (not flipped yet - the bull has to do that) but am wondering why it should halt the bull from entering this room?


11th Sep 2003, 18:02
The flipmap is the problem. I had it with the hammergod. The bull wont walk into the room that must be flipped or that is flipped (was also the bug in my sanctuaries if you remember :) ). To solve it make also a flipmap from the room where the bull is standing.

Dont really know if it will create more problems when the bull walks outside the flipped rooms though,

Good luck ;)

11th Sep 2003, 18:46
Do you mean - all the area's where the bull can walk in must have a flipped room? Or just the room before the room with the flipmap? Well, that shouldn't be so hard to accomplish (neither of those), will try tommorow, after school (I really will this time, lol, I'm desperate to get this done), thanks :D

11th Sep 2003, 19:17
You could try to flip the room with the bull in it only first. A had two stacked 4 clicked rooms and only the lower room flipped. The hammergod "bumped" his head cause the upper room was not a flipmap. I made it a flipmap too and now the hammergod could walk into the room(s).

Sounds a little confusing but it seems that there is an invisible barrier between a normal room and a fliproom for enemy's. Making the room a flipmap too where the bull is in deletes this barrier.

12th Sep 2003, 12:40
Woo-hoo - it worked!!! :D I only made the room before the flipmap a flipmap too and now the bull can enter this room aswell :D

Problem solved - finally! Thank you Piega! ;) Also thank you everyone else who helped - my thoughts were pushed in the right direction :D