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31st Jul 2003, 17:17
First of all I am sorry if this has been asked before.. i have show only posts within 30 days and no one had so, what is your favorite mission.

Mine would have to be Escaping MJ12 base in New York, Infiltrating the MJ12 underwater base, and when you are still with UNATCO You have to take out the satelite and you get to snipe everyone off the rooftops :D boy that was fun.

Kinda hard to choose because they were all so good.

31st Jul 2003, 18:21
I think my favorite is Vandenberg because there are so many options for completing the level.

But you're right — it's darn hard to choose.

31st Jul 2003, 18:30
Hi...I'll submit my fav's for fun.

All are basically the rooftop sniping types...Hell's Kitchen; Vandenburg; also Disabling Satalites mission but also when you go in to blow the Generator and you can walk around with impunity and knockout all the guards in careful stealthyness and then when making careful preperartions first with all the trash and boxes around to hide them behind...heh, heh...but also the same type of strategy when in Versalife for most of them before you go all the way inside. Then the escape from Security when Daedalus puts out the power and you get under the tunnels for more sniping when you come up in certain areas...guards/dogs and then release of the Greasels to take out some of those guards and MIB :D Really a lot of special places thoughout game for sneak attacks! Also when you get to Area 51, when Jock drops you off, never to be seen again and you have to get Sniper on top of big tower as well as Bots down below and then the guys in the Warehouse, etc. and ultimately get down to blow Rocket launcher/site! Or when you needed to get into the Cathedral and all the sniping ops there too? I could go on but that's some of my fav missions :) Ta and Good Hunting!

31st Jul 2003, 19:21
Ya vandenburgh was also one of my favorites i actually had it in my post but i remembered the generater one and edited it because i thought 3 missions was enough.:rolleyes:

1st Aug 2003, 06:58
my favorite is the statue : you are still 100% human, no aug, no super-weapon, just you and your(as a player) skills to sneak, or even to kill everyone...

4th Aug 2003, 12:20
The first Versalife mission. The music when you first enter the building is awesome. Then, you take the elevator down to the secret labs, and the first thing that you see is a magnificent looking, long red hallway with marble floors. At that time, the MJ12 music starts up. That scene still takes my breath away when I see it.

Then, you walk through a glass hallway and look down, and you see all of the labs below you, with the guards walking around. For fun, you can let the greasels and the bum out of their cages, and watch the guards basically kill each other by accident. That whole mission simply has ingenious level design, in my opinion.

17th Aug 2003, 01:19
the first Versalife mission is very visually stunning, and there is something about corparate espinage that appeals to me

Bio Denton
18th Aug 2003, 09:20
Mmmm... Vandenburg and killing Maggie Chow.

23rd Aug 2003, 16:01
I'd go with the MJ12 Ocean Lab. The idea of having a whole lab complex built on and beneath the ocean floor is mindblowing.

Damnit, I wanted to choose something else... oh yeah, escaping from the MJ12 facility under UNATCO is fun, too.