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Chris-Craig Michaels
31st Jul 2003, 03:18
I saw the movie yesterday, and was a little dissappointed. That does not mean I want to bash it though. There were some parts that I liked, others that I did not.

Good parts:
¥ Music was more memorable than the first one, and seemed to fit "tomb/temple" kinds of settings better, although I liked "Where's your head at?"
¥ Underwater parts were cool and an interesting idea, very original for an adventure movie.
¥ Lara was definitly more human, which I liked.
¥ The storyline was based on real mythology, rather than something made up for the movie, like the first one was.
¥ No "Time-limit." Honestly, I know that she is a super hero, but Lara could not get from London to Cambodia in just a couple of hours.

Bad parts:
¥ What happened to the dialouge? I can always remember the "I said 'try'," line from the first TR, but I can hardly remember anything that Lara said in this one, except that some things are not meant to be found. I would like a little more than that next time, if there is a next time.
¥ I did not like the love interest part, especially when she kills him. I just wish she had done everything alone.
¥ Outfit!!! What happened to her movie 'signature' outfit??? She really should wear her shorts and tank top, although the khaki outfits were more realistic.
¥ Enemies? An old scientist and a crime lord that dies in the first few minutes after you meet him? I wish Powell could have stayed alive and been the same enemy throughout the movies.
* I wish there had been more tombs...

Well, this is what I have been thinking about. I think I have been rather fair. I tried to be constructive in my criticism and offer alternatives to what they did do. Fell free to add trhe things that you liked or disliked, or just take in what I have said. Happy summer!

1st Aug 2003, 06:01
Good Points:

1. Angelina Jolie - She portrayed the perfect cinematic Lara Croft possible. :D
2. The music - I absolutely loved the music, it was fantastic.
3. The story - I loved the story. It was classic TR. It was a great sense of history but also dding something new to it. I think people who didn't like the movie, just didn't understand the plot.
4. Action/Adventure - A perfect mix of the two.
5. Superb ending - I thought it was awesome.

Bad points:

1. No classic costume.