View Full Version : the game keeps crashing in the beginning (i have windows 98)

31st Jul 2003, 03:13
whenever the train appears in the beginning, the game freezes and i have to shut down the computer. is there a patch i have to get? if so, could u tell me where?

31st Jul 2003, 14:58
Click on the link...and look for:

The game always crashes when the second guard jumps off the the train in the opening video scene and gets kicked ("Second Guard crash").


-They have the order listed wrong....(the results will be the same....but doing the Add/remove checkbox thing first...will get rid of a lot of the manual removing that step 2 requires you to do.)

In otherwords if you number the dots and do them in this order...it's faster if you do:
Step 1
Step 3-6
Step 2
Step 7-etc....

if it's confusing.....just follow the instructions as they are listed on the link. (and cross your fingers....)

Try that first....don't load any patchs (just in case you were messing around with the TNT patch.)

Once that works....and if you have a Geforce card...Direct3D Acceleration is possible with using half of the TNT patch.

31st Jul 2003, 16:25
i dont even get to see a guard. as soon as the train flashes on the screen during the FMV it freezes, but ill try it anyway. thanks!!!

31st Jul 2003, 16:40
where are the video codec listings?

31st Jul 2003, 18:09
The manual part is down in Control Panel Multimedia icon....last tab....should be a heading called Video Codecs in the tree thing....if I remember correctly.

The Add/Remove Programs...is where the check box is....
Inside Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs....the Windows setup tab. should be a very small icon that says Multimedia...and in that you'll see Video Compression......and a check box.

You say you don't even see the guards....what about the opening movie? Did you use the Full install? Go ahead and try the Video Compression/codec trick...... (Did you try to load the TNT patch? You don't want to use the FF7.exe from the patch if you have Geforce card.) What video card are you using?

But I need a better discription of where it's crashing..... Did you see the Squaresoft logo? or the opening? What DirectX are you using.....DX9 seems to be having problems with this game. So far it's just been with sound...(I'm using DX8....and until I'm forced to change...I won't be able to verify for myself, or find solutions)

You can try putting the Direct Sound into Basic Acceleration mode....it's in Dxdiag.

Type, Dxdiag in the 'Run' thing of windows.

31st Jul 2003, 21:26
ok, its after the Final Fantasy 7 logo appears in the opening FMV.
ill try to find out the answers to your questions, so keep checking the thread. and i tried the things it said on the link you gave me. it still doesnt work.

31st Jul 2003, 21:29
im sorry, im not that computer literate. -_- it may take a while

31st Jul 2003, 21:36
my video card is called Best Deta Geforce 100/400

1st Aug 2003, 14:39
Inside the first play disk....inside the movie directory (think it's a subdirectory of 'data')....there should be a bunch of files that end in .avi.

I can't remember what it's called.....it could be called Intro. It should be a fairly big file (I won't be able to give you a correct file name, until later tonight I don't have the game here.). Double click on it..and if you picked the right one...the opening movie should play on mediaplayer. See if it gives you an error or stops in the same place....if it does...the movie is corrupt, meaning the disk is bad. If it opens in somthing other than mediaplayer....make mediaplayer the default player for windows and see what happens.

You may have to do the copy movies to harddrive trick....and movie substitution trick...if that movie is 'corrupt'. The instructions are in that same link I left before...on the very bottom....under Three. After doing that...you would then pick a working movie and overwrite(rename/copy) it over the movie that isn't working. But first just try the copy trick and play the game...if it crashes...then try the substitution trick....if it still crashes......then I'm pretty much out of ideas.

Another thing....the first link I left.... I don't think it solves the two guard problem.....doing that fixes movie playing problems and frameshow problems. What fix the guard problem on my PC, was putting the Direct Sound into Basic Acceleration....so be sure to try that. (I know you said it's not crashing at that point....but you never know what little thing will cause this game to crash, and Dsound can effect movie playing, too.)

3rd Aug 2003, 02:17
first play disc? is that a folder? cuz i cant find it

4th Aug 2003, 14:30
you have 1 install disk, and 3 play disks.....

Originally labeled
Install Disk, Disk 1, Disk 2, Disk 3

Later labeled
Disk1, Disk 2, Disk 3 Disk 4

So if you have the original it's Disk 1.
If you have the platinum it's Disk 2.

And I don't rememer which directory the movies are in....just browse around...you'll find them....

I'll give you a path later....if I remember. 'around 8 central.' Maybe.