View Full Version : HELP!!! with thief 2

31st Jul 2003, 03:02
When I try to start the first mission the game just goes to a black screen. It also won't play the intro or credits. I had no problem playing the first thief 1, can anyone give me any advice?

31st Jul 2003, 04:01
Originally posted by corpdog
... can anyone give me any advice? Yes, but we need some info from you first so we can narrow things down.

Graphics card (or chip) and driver version?
Sound card (or chip) and driver version?
DirectX version?

31st Jul 2003, 14:38
If you go under the Movies subdirectory where you installed Thief 2, can you double-click and play the movies by themselves?

What version of DirectX do you have installed? Run diagx.exe to find out.

Did you install the Indec video codecs? There is an iv5play.exe install file on the CDs. Don't remember if it came on Thief1's or Thief2's CD. I switch between FMs a lot and eventually I don't get to see the in-game or end-game movies because the codecs don't work anymore (they are way too fragile under NT-based Windows). So I copy this file to my \Games directory and put a link to it in the Thief start group menu.

Open Windows Media Player (WMP) and go to its options to yank back any file associations. If you have RealPlayer installed, make sure it is the latest. In the last couple of versions, it has learned to play nice and stop stealing file associations simply when you open it. Before it would steal the file associations when you opened it without asking you.

You must have 16MB of video memory. You should preferrably have a video card. Onboard video chipsets don't work that well although it depends on what you have. I believe Thief requires a color depth of at least 256 colors, so make sure your video card supports 256 colors at whatever video resolution the game is set to play in.