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30th Jul 2003, 13:47
Can anybody help me? I'm desperate. I have been playing the game with little or no problems. Well none that I haven't fixed. I am now in The Hall of Seasons. I have finished Neptune's Hall, The Sanctuary of the Flame and The Breath of Hades, and deposited all 3 crystals. Now that I'm at the Wrath of the beast, I can't get past the crumbling statue scene. I saw it once so I know it can work. Lara died of course and I loaded a previous saved game, got to the scene again and It hasn't worked since? It freezes (is that the same as locking up?) Anyway the only way I can get out is turn off my computer and start everyting up again...closing programs etc. I have installed the patch, updated my drivers and anything else I can think of. I even unistalled and reinstalled the game and started over! The same thing happens. If I can't fix this problem is there anyway I can disable this scene so I can continue the game? My family will appreciate any help you can give me. My frustration is driving them nuts!

30th Jul 2003, 14:21
Check if the Basic CoreAudio Panning is enabled in the sound options as it could be the cause for that. If that's not the case, you can e-mail me your savegame, I'll play the cut scene and save right after that, and e-mail the file back to you. :)