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30th Jul 2003, 07:50
Here are just a few tactics of mine that work for me Some guy a while ago needed help with gettin tha duckman drake
well you gotta finish the stage where your in the hospital shootin ducks for big tony (cant remeb wat its called).
Run into a cubicle and wait for ducks to come- as they run past- boom- kill them DEAD.
The handyman stage (with alll the hands- think its called need a hand) in tha nightclub can be tricky indeed. My advice is get to know the stage then youll know where im talkin bout. Run down the huge flight of steps in tha foyer into that hall with glass on both sides. At the end there is a dead end round a corner and a tommy gun x2. Grab that and hide in the glass right beside you (not in the hall) when the hands come round the corner kill them. In the same stage there is a large open room (fairly well hidden) also with a tommy gun x2 on the stage. Hide behind the pillar and use the same tactic.

30th Jul 2003, 23:42
Some nice tactics there. You'll find more tips including these ones + others in the "How to Unlock Things" and "Help Forum..." threads.