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29th Jul 2003, 20:23
Been busy lately but I'm back now and I finally got around to setting up a TS2 chat room and you can get to it here http://chat.cjb.net/TS2/

You'll need to have java enabled to be able to connect (who doesnt have it enabled these days).

Good thing about the chan is that its there for good (unless it aint used for a few weeks) and I'll be there most of the time if not all (might just idle there).

Everyone is welcome (aslong as you behave) and I hope to see you guys there soon.

Ab ^_^

29th Jul 2003, 22:53
Kewlies, AB!

Well done!

See you lot there, yea?


Edit: typo's... Yeah, yeah.. Obsessive compulsive... :rolleyes:

29th Jul 2003, 23:14
Change of plan! I decided to move that chat room to my own webspace this way I have more control over it.

You can now find it at


It might seem slow (to people without broadband) but I'm 99.9% sure it'll load so give it a chance (it wont take more than 2 mins no matter how slow you are).

I'll put up a dial-up version shortly which will give everyone instant access (for all of those who cant wait 2 mins :p ).

For those of you familiar with mIRC (or your fav IRC client) your welcome to use that instead of the java client.

Hope to see you guys there soon.

Ab ^_^

4th Aug 2003, 18:48
:( :( :(

I'm so dissapointed not to see anyone in the chan :(

Dunno why I bothered :p

Ab ^_^