View Full Version : How do you beat rice cracker rush?

29th Jul 2003, 19:58
im sorta new to these forums. I kinda need you guys help. You guys got any tips on how to get through rice cracker rush, If possible how to get gold on rice cracker rush? Any info would be greatly appreciated

29th Jul 2003, 20:33
As soon as you start go for the cloak and then run to the enemy bag and bring it back to your base (ignore the enemy) then go get the speed boost and go get the bag again and bring it back and after a few secs a new cloak will appear and you just do the same thing again until you run out of time.

Dont bother with the enemy unless they have your bag or are in your way and remember to keep getting body armour if you need it and if you are low on health kill yourself with a bomb after you score so that you come back and have full health.

Good luck

Ab ^_^

31st Jul 2003, 00:20
If you can't find the speed boost its in one of those rooms that come off the street, you might have to search a bit.

19th Aug 2003, 14:22
I had the same stratigy Ab-109 did and I got a gold try it, it works!:D

20th Aug 2003, 20:41
also collect the minigun so when the swat get the bag u can kill him quickly