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29th Jul 2003, 19:02
Hi guys, it feels good to be writing something here again.

Recently I´ve changed my computer and I am having some problems with Thief 2. The problem is that while I am playing sometimes (like randomly) the walls of the room where I am get fully illuminated, without any shadow. Sometimes I get into completely dark rooms and it gets illuminated as if the sun itself was inside the room. However, I just move the view of Garrett and it gets back to normality. Why is this happening?

Could it be the 3D acceleration? I have the 3D acceleration included in the motherboard, and I have 496 MB of RAM. The 3D acceleration included uses 16 MB, which is what the game requires.

Has any of you experimented a similar problem? Is there a way to fix it without having to buy a 3D card?

Thanks in advance.


1st Aug 2003, 03:20
On-board video is notorious for bad performance and bad results with Thief. It's not so much the memory that counts but the features and the capability. Tell us what you have exactly, and maybe someone can help.

If you have an intel 810, check this thread:


A standard answer is to get the latest drivers for your video from the vendor and to make sure they support Direct X 7.1 or higher. Another less desirable thing would be to use software rendering. Unfortunately, that looks terrible.

The best bet, if you are serious about gaming, is to get a separate video card. First check to see what your computer supports, e.g., does it have an AGP slot, and whether you can disable the on-board video in the BIOS.

1st Aug 2003, 03:55
Thanks Peter Smith,

What I actually want to do is to avoid buying a video card, for economic reasons. I know buying a good video card is the best solution, but I wanna try solving this problem in other way.

First, because I think this is kinda strange problem, because I play commandos 2 in the same computer and it works perfectly.

And second, because the problem can be seen only sometimes and other strange conditions. For example, in Life of the Party, in the chapel, there is a room (you get the key from the guard standing there). If the door is closed, and I look to a dark spot inside the chapel, the rooms of it get fully illuminated, as if it was no dark in it. However I move the mouse (garrett's view) and the problem goes out. But if the door is open, there are no graphical problems, and garrett can look whatever he wants, with no grahical problems.

The problem occurs in dark areas. Not full dark areas, but partially shadowed. The walls, roof, and floor get completely illuminated, almost white. Shadows dissapear, and it becomes difficult to tell where you can hide. But if a door close to that partially shadowed area is open, the problem does not exist. (Nowadays, I find myself opening all doors and leaving them open in order to avoid the problem, though I think the solution is not that "elegant". )

I do not really know why is this happening, especially when I can play commandos 2, which requires directx 8.1, that of course I have it. Also commandos requieres more video memory and RAM.

And yes, my motherboard is an intel 810. I will try the solution in the link you posted.

Thanks Peter, I will tell you if I've solved the problem.

1st Aug 2003, 17:35
That's definitely an odd one, Pipa2. Hope you do find a way to solve it - and in the mean time you've got a workaround...

I know what having budget constraints is like, but I'll have to join my voice to the chorus suggesting you lash out on a 'real' video card. It definitely doesn't need to be cutting edge, and I know that there would be very respectable GeForce 4s or lower end ATI Radeons for well under $100 that would transform your gaming experience. Even if you can't do it right now, it might be something to start saving for...

As to why Commandos 2 works fine and Thief doesn't, the minimum (or even recommended) hardware requirements and DirectX levels are only part of the picture. The games use different software 'engines' to create the graphics, and it just happens that the 'Dark Engine' used in Thief seems to be particularly susceptible to problems with onboard graphics... There are workarounds and fixes, and the link Peter posted does a good job of addressing those.

See ya,


7th Aug 2003, 17:27
Thanks guys, but the change in the cfg file did not make any change. I guess I will have to do what I did not want to: buy a good video card. It is not that expensive, anyway. :)

Thanks guys for your help, and hope to "see" you soon.