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I'll let You Guess...er
29th Jul 2003, 16:55
Whenever i make a level other than on the Tut1 wad file, like on the coastal ruins wad and city wad my objects never load properly and i get instead Lara's shorts. Also i always get the same Horizon as on the Tut1 wad. Somebody help!

29th Jul 2003, 17:08
Did you make the changes to the scipt file?
If the level is named differently than the wad, the objects won't load....

I'll let You Guess...er
29th Jul 2003, 19:40
Errr... Whats a script file!????

30th Jul 2003, 01:16
You shouldn't have to worry about the script file for now.
The problem is that when you make your own level, it MUST have the same name as the wad file you are using. If you want to use the coastal wad, your level MUST be called coastal. The project can be saved with any name you want, but when you output the wad in winroomedit, you MUST give it the name coastal, the same as the wad file you are using.
An alternative is to pick a name for your level, such as mylevel. Then make a copy of ALL of the files that start with coastal (.wad, .was, .swd, .sfx, .sam, .lar) and rename the copies to mylevel.*. This way you don't replace an existing level. The only problem with this method is you then need to edit the script file. Use the other method until you have made a couple of levels before you get into script editing.

I'll let You Guess...er
30th Jul 2003, 10:59
Thanx for the advice, i've got it working now! :-)

30th Jul 2003, 17:33
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