View Full Version : how do i look down?

29th Jul 2003, 16:24
i cant look down! i cant look up!
how can i look up or down?
how is this game played when you cant look up or down?
what was CORE thinking when they designed this game?

this is aggrivating!

29th Jul 2003, 18:47
if you're on pc, push the "0" on the keypad and push the down arrow key to look up and the up arrow key to look down... confusing... :rolleyes: it wasn't like that in the previous games... i wonder why they changed it. :rolleyes:

30th Jul 2003, 00:01
interesting thefinn, on my comp AOD is up to look up and down to look down. On all the other TRs it was the oppisite. I think it is more logical this way, but I was never able to adjust.:rolleyes:

30th Jul 2003, 02:38
use the sprint key and arrows together

1st Aug 2003, 16:47
why is CORE making things so complicated? that means i have to press 2-3 keys just to look up. how does it work when your being chased and your running down a street turning left or right? CORE needs to make a mouse view patch for this game.

this game is wacked! whats the point of playing a game if all you get is aggrivated?

1st Aug 2003, 17:16
you cant look while running etc like in previous games, only standing still

1st Aug 2003, 20:28
people are responding to this post as if CORE has done something good. we know this is not right, lets complain about it.
i get the impression that their standing by CORE's side. why not send CORE the message to develop a mouse view patch!

2nd Aug 2003, 21:48

Go to the mouse [or keyboard] menu and set the
'SPRINT' convig key. to the button u want to fiew around with.....

and u can look around as u wish.....

have a nice time playing.....