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Quik Silver
29th Jul 2003, 09:25
Hey evryone

Does anyone know where I can find a wad with Japanese/Chinese style objects, as well as textures.

I'm thinking about starting a series of levels where lara comes across an ancient group of monks, who steal a sacred scroll containing the secrets to an ancient martial art, more powerful than any other and only taught to 3 people at any one time. The monks are evil ( I forgot to mention that before:confused:) and are going to use the scroll to create an army of fighters and take over the world.

i suck at creating objects in metasequoia so i would also apretiate someone making the scroll for me. I guess I could use the music scroll but it doesnt really look asian.

Quik Silver

29th Jul 2003, 14:54
I can send you textures. Just give me a day to assemble them:)

Quik Silver
30th Jul 2003, 05:47
thanx for noticing my post.

my email is Quik_Silver63@hotmail.com ( i don't know the html tags to make it a link) As i am using hotmail, i can only get attachments that are about 1 mb in size so you may have to turn it into a jpeg image and put it in a post here maybe, then i could save the image, and re-convert it into tga format.

then all I would need is the objects. Also, could someone please tell me if Natla was a robot, aswell as what game she was in. I read somewhere that she was, and I was thinking that I could use her in my story as a boss somewhere.

One more thing, there isn't too much of a hurry with the objects and textures, I'm still at the planning stages.

Thanx again
Quik Silver

30th Jul 2003, 18:17
Natla appeared in the original TR game

Quik Silver
31st Jul 2003, 08:43
thanks. I now know that Natla was in tr1. But was she a robot?

31st Jul 2003, 15:06
No, I don't think she was a robot.

I have the textures all made up, I just need to upload them to my site. I'll give you a download link. About 1.6 meg., I think;)

19th Aug 2003, 06:17
Ok, so if Natla is in TR1, then who are all of those other "chicks" that are in the other TR games?