View Full Version : AOD blamed for TR:COL poor opening weekend.

29th Jul 2003, 07:12
Yes it seems that the producers blame the game for the movies poor box office performance. read about it here:




Lara Croft Online
29th Jul 2003, 08:19
They are just playing the blame game and it'd not the game at all.
The economy isn't that great atm from 2 years ago. Parents
are taking their kids to the kiddie movies and people that need
to stretch their money are willing to wait for the video.
If you look at the numbers it's a level field out there and few
movies out there are raking it in. The game is number 2 in the US
and UK for over a month in sales even with the reviews so don't
blame the game.

John Carter
29th Jul 2003, 11:10
I seriously doubt that enough moviegoers play the game to matter in terms of box-office take. The original Tombraider game was a "massive success" with something like 2 million copies sold?

Then how does a shortfall of approximately 20 million moviegoers from the first flick's 41 or so million translate into "they all played the game, didn't like it, and that's why they didn't go see the movie?" Especially given that the movies have as much to do with the games as the comic books, which is to say not much other than a ponytailed main character named Lara Croft.

Recent events closer to home tend to validate Tom LCO's take on the thing, my friend with his 3 kids and wife went to see "Spy Kids" last weekend, expressing a desire to see "TRCOL" next, but the kids must be taken care of immediately.

Opening box-office take is a good but not always accurate indicator of how much a film will eventually make, subsequent weeks and especially foriegn box office take is what makes or breaks films as investments on the part of the producers.

29th Jul 2003, 12:02
I agree, and think that article is certifiably ridiculous. The movie producers just don't understand movie-goers the least bit to blame the game on a movie not doing so well.

It couldn't possibly be because they released the movie so late in the summer that all the other big summer movies already took the lion's share of the summer earnings, could it? Nah the obvious could never be it.

Here's this weekend top ten:

It was only $11 million away from the #1 movie while it's #4, and in reality that's a very slim margin between the two. Looking at what all of them earned, it looks to me like Summer is simply winding down for the movie industry because none of them made particularly stellar earnings.

29th Jul 2003, 12:30
It is always the same. Someone has a stupid theory and is bored enough to write it down somewhere and a thousand pumpkins copy it to their news sites.

29th Jul 2003, 12:41
That has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Maybe it's because they ruined the first movie by changing too many things FROM THE GAME so people didn't want to see it again. Ever think of that?!

29th Jul 2003, 14:43
I'm with you Katie -

I rushed out to see the first film at the best cinema in London and I was so dissapointed that whilst I can guarantee that I will go to see the next one, I won't rush to see it and I'll probably wait till it gets to the cheap - older films cinema.

To blame it on a game is really stupid - make better films is my advice!

29th Jul 2003, 16:13
Thanks! hehe I dressed up as Lara for the first movie, was really pumped...but I was convinced to go see COL so I went, but this time no dressing up. They certainly nailed it this time, but I wouldn't have gone if I hadn't been convinced to :P

29th Jul 2003, 16:25
Hmm, maybe if I dressed up as Lara to go to see it I could at least have the entertainment value of the stares of casual passers by.

Or maybe the cinema would let me in free to get me off the streets.

Doubt my girlfriend would let me!

29th Jul 2003, 16:28
lmao! I was well prepared to be laughed and pointed at -- but no one did that. I got a few compliments and a few smiles :) But no free tickets :p

29th Jul 2003, 18:44
Or maybe it's because Paramount screwed up, pissed off a lot of theater companies, and were CoL was delayed for a month in some theaters others opted out to show CoL at all..... Do you think the genius producers ever thought of that? :rolleyes:

Excuses, excuses...... :p