View Full Version : LoK Timeline

Ladra de Almas
29th Jul 2003, 03:18
In accordance with the Timeline in the bonus section of Soul Reaver 2 for the PS2, where does exatly Defiance Events fits? :rolleyes:

29th Jul 2003, 03:22
They will probably put a new time line since it takes place during BO1 time.The paradox probably made it possible for the time line to change.

29th Jul 2003, 08:54
Well, what we need to come with Defiance is a timeline tree as a bonus for beating the game, branching at every time altering event. That would leave us with, errr. Let me think. Bo1 classic/Nem dead where kain dies/where Kain doesn't/New one post Sr2(possibly Bo2). I think that covers it pre defience. We could get the general idea from just the 4 true timelines we've seen thusfar, but things could change again.

The Kain dies in the past/doesn't lines does have minor differences, and yeah time besides is as far as we know almost identicle, but who knows what we didn't see. Kain at the Audron retreat was made possible by Raziel's choice and the distant post Sr1 time period could have been interacted with as well. Kain most likely didn't as he could have made plans prior to his temporal departure, yet with him using time travel and most likely the chronoplast chamber/hidden portables, we don't know. Then again it lead to another shift in time. But we have a different timeline now, so it doesn't matter, now does it. We have more to debate over to come. Kain timeline changes=2. Raziel timeline changes=1. Wonder how long it is till Raziel matches or surpasses that if at all yet Kain could keep his lead. Place your bets........now!!!!!!!