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29th Jul 2003, 01:07
Hey Im new to the forum so I have a few questions.
I just recentley (about 2 weeks ago) purchased TimeSplitters 2 for XBOX. While reading all the Walkthroughs for it ive only been able to find ones for Gamecube. Which apears to be A LOT easier than the XBOX version. The main point ive noticed is that in order to unlock things in the xbox version you need a silver or better and not a bronze. I need a XBOX version walkthrough. Iv also noticed while watching some videos of amazing times acheived on Arcade mode from the gamecube version is that the AI appears to be retarded such as constintly spawning up in the same spot and also being spawned in easier locations. Are there any website that have videos of xbox version? And last but not least to anybody that has played the xbox version in elite league under bags of fun i scored 8 bags and only got a silver, and it says i only need 7 for gold? Why is this? ive played it 3 times and it does this everytime.

29th Jul 2003, 08:52
The bags of fun issue might be cos of a bug which is on the other consoles. Basicly you shouldnt attempt to score when you've got like 3 secs left. If that still doesnt work then aim to get 9 bags :D

Your gonna have a hard time finding an Xbox walkthro or videos cos as far as I know only a handfull of people have it on Xbox.

As far as I know its not any harder/ easier on xbox than on another console (unless you include the controls which then makes it a matter of own preference). On some challenges you only need a bronze to get a character and the other thing is most (if not all) characters are unlocked by the scores you get and not by the trophy but it just happens that the score you need to unlock a character matches the score you need for a trophy (so you could get just below the score you need for a gold and still unlock the 'gold character').

There is an issue where on one console bots are spawned more randomly than on another but this doesnt effect the game THAT much.

Hope that made sense ^_^


29th Jul 2003, 17:20
hey thanks for the help. i guess im just having a hard time on some boards. its a shame that not too many people have it for xbox. i personally think gameplay wise its better than halo i just wish there where vehicals to spice things up a bit. also i have one more small question which may sound a little dumb but it seems like the map editor is a little limited to the texture schemes you can use. Is there anything that can be unlocked as far as the map editor is concerned? also one more thing has there been any information regarding timesplitters 3? Is there going to be a third one and if so when? Ive checked to forums brefiely but noone seems to mention any hard evidence if there will be a third?

29th Jul 2003, 17:47
Another thing about "bags of fun" is that you can't let the other team score (as I remember it).

No, there's nothing to unlock for the mapmaker. It's somewhat limited, but you can still do some great things with it. My top 3 multiplayer arenas are all from the mapmaker.

I agree that TS2 beats Halo in many ways. Unfortunately, it sounds like TS3 is a long way off.

29th Jul 2003, 18:10
oh then that was my problem. they always score one point on me. looks like its time to back and retry. Thanks for the help.

29th Jul 2003, 18:16
The scores you need on Bags Of Fun has to be 'bags better' than the team so if you need 7 for gold and you get 8 and the bots get 2 then your actual score is 6 (your score - thier score)!

Ab ^_^