View Full Version : RMX Mismatch on PC

28th Jul 2003, 21:24
I just had the RMX Mismatch error on my Pc version of TR:TAOD, just as it tried to load the Parisian Ghetto level. My PC more than meets the minimum requirements and the game had been running just fine until this happened (well apart from the chipmunk speech which was easy to fix).

What I really don't get is that I have seen PS2 posts reporting the same problem!!

Can anyone help out? I was actually quite enjoying playing the game until this error appeared! I have searched the forum and there doesn't seem to be a solution posted, even though it seems like a fairly common problem.

I am using an AMD XP 1800+ CPU, Windows XP Pro, GeFore MX440 64Mb and 512mb DDR RAM.


30th Jul 2003, 06:34
Any chance of getting a fix for this? I am not the only one experiencing it.