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28th Jul 2003, 18:54
This is my favorite Tomb Raider game, but i have a few problems.
I have an Alienware Area51 with this hardware setup:
P4C 2.8GHz with HT & 800MHz bus
1GB of system memory
Seagate barracuda 7200rpm hard drive
ATI Radeon 9800 pro 256MB
SB audigy
16x DVD, 48x CD

The game runs at 45fps-65fps with all graphic options enabled and room and environment anistropic filtering (the rest is trilinear), the resolution is 1153x864 @ 100Hz, I also have 2x anti-aliasing forced in the video card options.

here are the problems:
1. I cant turn on Post Processing or framerate drops to 10fps-15fps or the game crashes or has curropted textures.

2. In the graveyard level the framerate is 8fps-19fps. but from reading the threads on this forum i hear that this is common.

3. Most interactive objects such as doors, openable cabintes, guns and movable objects have a pink half-transparent texture over them, this makes the game less fun since i know what part of the floor will collapse and stuff like that.

4. another common one is texture flickering next to the edges of the screen, this doesn't happen everywhere though.

If anyone has an answer to any of these please respond, THANK YOU!