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28th Jul 2003, 16:55
I am getting the following message while trying to start Thief Gold

"You have 13M of free disk space. Thief requires 35M. Thief cannot run."

1. I have 20 gig of free disk space.
2. The error message changes each time I try to start the program. It has said 10M, 20M, and 13M of my free disk space.
3. The program ran fine until I stopped, put in a different CD to do something else and then came back to Thief and put in the Thief CD.

Any help?

28th Jul 2003, 21:25
For now, and without going into why this happens, just purge your hard drive of the garbage files sitting on it.

- Empty your browser's temporary file cache.
- Empty out your temporary directories, like %profile%\temp, c:\[windows|winnt]\temp, or any download or other holding directories of files you no longer need.
- Delete msdownload.tmp (or something named similar) which is a temp holding directory for some of the Windows Updates downloads. It might also be call WUTemp.
- Delete any directories with .tmp in their name. These are usually temporary location during an install.
- Purge the Recycle Bin.

This often creates enough free disk space for Thief to run in. Thief is an old game when 2 GB hard drives were just coming out. It effectively performs 2 GB modulo arithmetic in figuring out how much free disk space there is. When your used disk space gets close to a 2 GB modulo (2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 80 GB, etc.), the remainder between the 2 GB modulo and used space may be less than what Thief thinks it needs to have to run.