View Full Version : Traod in-game bugs

28th Jul 2003, 15:46

I've made this thread to talk about the bugs, and to help Eidos to correct them (if they want it). At this time I've got 2 bugs, that I cannot find within any thread.

No.1: At the hideaway of Bouchard, when 3 steel doors are front of you (near the dying man on the bed), I stopped Lara at a point, and the hand icon appeared. I decided to press the action key, and lara walked over (!!!) the 3 steel doors, and picked up a clip.

No.2: It is at the sewers under the Louvre. When the level starts, simply turn back 180 degrees, and roll once. Then the next level will be loaded. Nasty...

28th Jul 2003, 16:57
I don't seem to remember that first glitch, but it seems like it needs to be fixed. That could be annoying to deal with. As for the second one, I never knew about it, but I think they should keep that one. It seems pretty convenient. The Louvre sewers can be a bit boring anyway.:D