View Full Version : XP Sound card

28th Jul 2003, 12:58
i bought a new sound card to play TRAOD i got sb live 5.1 digital all works ok its just that i didnt connect the CD in cable to the sound card ,its still connected to my mother board should i connect it to my CD in socket on the new sound card (Im using XP)

29th Jul 2003, 16:57
Only if you intend to listen to music CD's

29th Jul 2003, 18:37
there's no need to do that if u are using xp

30th Jul 2003, 12:49
Yeah your right a man in a Pc Store said something about XP this dos not need to be connected as it goes through the PCI connection but was not sure whether this was true or not, well i have connected the CD Lead to CD in on sound Card and all is still ok.

PS good wee Cheap Sound card though i do have problem i have posted a new thread Look for SB LIVE DIGITAL problem have a look and see if you can help me thanks.