View Full Version : Happy Birthday Tocky (Alpacalips Cow)

Shadow Creepr
28th Jul 2003, 10:45
Happy Birthday to you, Tocky (aka Alpacalips Cow)! :D

28th Jul 2003, 13:17
Happy Birthday!!!

28th Jul 2003, 13:28
Don't have a cow cause it's your birthday. :p

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height:32pt; font-weight:bold; font-style:italic; text-align:center;
color:#333399; filter:glow(color:#ff3399, strenth=7)"> Happy Birthday Tocky!

28th Jul 2003, 15:06
Happy Birthday, Tocky. Hope it was the best one yet.

Alpacalips Cow
29th Jul 2003, 02:10
Thanks folks. Oh the shame though. I haven't been here in months, missed Claymans comeback (although I do credit myself with his previous comeback by reviving his oldest thread once), missed others birthdays... I'm not worthy. Thank you. It has been a good one and you people make it better.

29th Jul 2003, 02:23
Happy Birthday ! :)

29th Jul 2003, 22:24
Hope you had a good birthday...

...but what's with all this "Tocky" buisness? I remember an old arcade platform game called something similar, but that was about an ape...and was, to be honest, crap! :confused:

Shadow Creepr
29th Jul 2003, 23:08
Tocky is his TTLG name.

4th Aug 2003, 01:11
Can we milk his eidos name for all it's worth?

31st Aug 2003, 20:53
Alpacalips Cow, Happy Birthday. And this is yet another Birthday that I am late too.

Screech said: "Can we milk his eidos name for all it's worth?"
Lets try!

It is my understanding that an Alpaca is a type of Rabbit. So knowing this, shouldn't your handle be Bunnylips Cow?

Oh Lord, HAHA I am really stretching that one! HAppy Birthday! ;)