View Full Version : Where can I get the 2nd hidden cart??

28th Jul 2003, 08:39
I found the 1st cart (the snake game) and the 3rd cart (the astrolander game), but where can I find the 2nd cart??:)

29th Jul 2003, 06:40
Thanks man!

31st Jul 2003, 12:40
Let's not lie here. RR sucks ass.

Although the satisfaction gained from actually getting the thing is not insignificant.

Hi everyone - good to see there's still people on this forum...

gretal mkIII
31st Jul 2003, 19:55
your right,non of the mini games are that good, the orly real reason to get them is the satisfaction of moving ever closer to that ilusive (for me at least) 100% compleation with all the bells and whistles

31st Jul 2003, 19:59
I think that they are great (maybe more tracks on RR) and a welcome change to the killing spree.

1st Aug 2003, 08:42
True!!! Getting nearer 100% is the better reward.... pity I don't have enough time to play much more to get a complete 100% (too much studies at varsity)- wish I was at school then I would have ample time to play the best game available!!!:)