View Full Version : What stats go gold?

27th Jul 2003, 07:54
I just got gold for "Civilian casualties" (200) and I earned "Brutality Award" the next time I played Custom.
What's got me wondering is:

- What's the limit for "Timesplitters dispatched". I've got 2267
- Is their gold for UFOs spotted? I've got 1794
- What about the other stats? Even averages, can gold be scored for them?

29th Jul 2003, 09:57
Hi GST, I just saw your thread so let's check it out.
No awards for Timesplitters dispatched and UFO's spotted.

Only Insomnia, civilian casualities, total time played, total bullets fired, heads knocked off, glasses smashed can give you awards but I think you know that by thid time

29th Jul 2003, 23:27
G'Day mate!
No awards for them stats! Heck, do they even go gold just to satisfy my efforts? You'd think they would Paranioa Award or something for spotting heaps of UFO's.
Thanks for saving my time from being wasted in Story, now it's time to get Glass Jaw.......