View Full Version : Problem running TRAOD correctly in Windows ME

26th Jul 2003, 23:46
Have any of you out there had trouble with TRAOD in Windows ME? If so, did you manage to fix it? Well, I am certainly having a few problems. Some are minor and others are just annoying. First, after I updated my joystick drivers it displayed 3 tabs for it in the settings. It does the same at the in-game settings screen. Only one actually pertains to my joystick. The others don't. Another issue is that the game won't save my button configuration after I've exited and reentered the game. Also, not so much a real problem as an annoyance, my joystick won't work at the in-game menus. It did, but now it doesn't. Here's what all I've done (in order): downgraded my OS from Windows XP Home to Windows ME (due to unrelated complications). That's when the problems started. Updated all my drivers. Caused more problems. Uninstalled then reinstalled TRAOD. Didn't fix anything. Updated DirectX to v9.0b. No changes to my problems. Uninstalled the reinstalled TRAOD again. Still didn't fix anything. Right about now I'm begging for any assistance.
BTW: TRAOD ran almost flawlessly in XP.

27th Jul 2003, 01:07
Did you download the DirectX v9.0 from what's given in AoD, or did you download it from the Microsoft site?

27th Jul 2003, 02:17
I downloaded 9.0b from Microsoft. And yes, I already tried using 9.0a which came with TRAOD prior to the update..

27th Jul 2003, 03:59
Okay, well I took a stab at it! :p

I have ME, and my only problem is that I cannot see the FMVs after installing the patch (which made me realize there were actually opening FMVs :p)

27th Jul 2003, 19:46
Maybe a dual boot system will make the things better in your case... :)

27th Jul 2003, 20:08
Well, I'm already on a dual boot, but it won't help me any. I'm using Windows ME and Mandrake Linux.

28th Jul 2003, 05:25
I'm running it in ME and having no problem. But I'm playing on the keyboard, and using the default control scheme. One culprit in these problems seems to be the porting of lots of unused devices - such as the two "phantom" controllers you have. Another big culprit are those keyboards with all kind of stupid internet , etc. hotkeys built into them - they can create porting conflicts that aren't immediately evident, apparently. If you can find a way to disable those devices you aren't using, or that aren't there at all, it might help.

28th Jul 2003, 19:14
Thanks for the help all! Strange, though. Most of my problems went away just a few minutes ago when I reinstalled the game. All that remains is the displaying of multiple joysticks and the occasional crash when I try to run the game. Nothing that prevents me from playing altogether. Thanks again.