View Full Version : Tomb Raider Cuts out (urgently need help)

Tom Braid
26th Jul 2003, 20:21
Build Jun 24 2003 23:52:07

The Following Error has occured

Generic Game Error

ASSERTION: 'dir->x || dir->y || dir->z' at C:\projects\tomb raider\Game\ai\ai_actor.c(209)

it comes up with this as the error message about 1 second from wen u start playing, this problem has stemed from me gettin a new sound card, i have installed the latest driver for it and it doesnt help . PLEASE HELP!

p.s. its a Philips Sonic Edge 5.1 sound card

Tom Braid
27th Jul 2003, 17:50
Bump i need help

27th Jul 2003, 17:58
That looks more like a graphical error. I had a similar problem once. I fixed it by going back to a save game I made before that point.

Tom Braid
28th Jul 2003, 17:20
Nah that doesnt work, it cuts out every single time you start the game. Please someone must have more ideas??

Tom Braid
28th Jul 2003, 22:06

1st Aug 2003, 12:46
I'm still having the same problem. Everytime I open the door from the basement to go outside, after Bouchard dies a similiar dialogue box is generated. I didn't know that the game generates c:\project. It is only there when in the game. As soon as you ALT TAB to look on your HDD, it's not there.
The techs who built the game know what causes your fault to be generated. It is part of an IF statement.

I've already posted to core-support and they still haven't come back with the answer. That was five days ago. Splinter Cell has been copping a hiding while Lara is loitering in the basement.

'Not happy Jan'

9th Aug 2003, 00:36
I am getting a similar error right when i exit the Arch. Dig. What do i do?

9th Aug 2003, 01:48
The only thing you can do is scale down the graphic settings. Bring it down to the bare minimums. And try again. Or if it keeps crashing do radical step, got to the edios site and support and there u'll find all the save games. Try loading a later save.

10th Aug 2003, 00:51
*Shakes head violently*

Now Core, next time, after working so hard (sarcasm) to make the engine fast, please make sure the build you're going to ship isn't running in a debug mode!


As for your problem, it seems to be an AI error in one of the characters.
This bug is probably flakey sometimes being there and sometimes not, as it appears to be caused by the current possition of one of the characters.
It's probably an integer or floating point overflow, caused by the simple fact that the Playstation 2 has 128-Bit integers/floats and the PC only 32-Bit.

This means that the maximum size of a 'number' is much bigger on the PS2 than the PC, and whenever a number that is bigger than 32-Bit is trying to be stored in a 32-Bit space, an error occurs.

ASSERTION: 'dir->x || dir->y || dir->z' at C:\projects\tomb raider\Game\ai\ai_actor.c(209)
This means (for those without knowledge of C Coding) that an "assertion failure" occured from the results of an operation on three variables x,y, and Z which represent the current 'direction' a game character is facing, in a source file called ai_actor.c at line 209.

Those three variables are deliminated by the C symbol for a logical OR comparison '||'.

Wait, that means that this error occurs whenever all three directions X, Y and Z are 1. (x:1 OR y:1 OR z:1 = 1).
So this error occurs only when a character is looking straight at point X=1, Y=1 and Z=1.

Because an assertion gets triggered whenever the value '1' is fed to it.

Don't bother looking for the file 'ai_actor.c', as this is one of the source files they used to make the game.
It was located on the programmer's computers only.

But remember:
This information shouldn't still be in there!!

Also (this is true), I found some C source code embedded into traod.exe as a resource file (!!!).

What is that doing in there?
Ask the PS2 icons in the data folders of the PC version, maybe they know. :p

10th Aug 2003, 09:49
You need to turn off your sound.

when you start the launcher, go to settings and turn off the sound. walk into the water and the fmv starts it should then start you under water, swim to the top and climb onto the ledge.