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Notts Raider
26th Jul 2003, 13:24
Guess Where and from which TR game this (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/deephouse33/AOD/111.wav) Audio segment is taken.

26th Jul 2003, 20:35
TRLR, the Egyptian Adventure house in the Coastal Ruins level, where you put the coin in and that automatic guy starts to play. :)

Notts Raider
26th Jul 2003, 20:40

Well done: :D

No money, but here's your Blue Peter Badge


Notts Raider
26th Jul 2003, 21:22
Try this one (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/deephouse33/AOD/074_b.wav). Its a bigger file

26th Jul 2003, 21:23
lol thanks! :D

And no, I can't guess this one. BTW, it will be easier to know if the file name is the same as in the TRLE audio folder, so it won't be necessary to download it. ;)

27th Jul 2003, 01:48
Oh oh! I know this one!
It's in the first level[s] of TRLR w/ Lara when she was young.
She found her backpack in this cut-scene!

Mwahahahahahahaha! I knew one!
ok, my moment of joy is gone, thank you.

Notts Raider
27th Jul 2003, 02:40
http://tcwozere.co.uk/smileys/food03.gif Whoohoo well done http://tcwozere.co.uk/smileys/food03.gif

Now you can have a Blue Peter Badge and as a bonus you can have a half eaten chip butty I could'nt finish.


27th Jul 2003, 02:48
Got anymore of those?

28th Jul 2003, 00:10
This game of yours is great! like this one even more than the image game :)

Notts Raider*
28th Jul 2003, 02:20

whats This (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/deephouse33/Audio/T%20C.mp3) from

28th Jul 2003, 03:55
That would be from the first boss battle (the mutant) at the end of TR1.

28th Jul 2003, 04:03
That sounds like the music when you first encounter the T-rex in TR1, lost valley.

3rd Aug 2003, 20:43
Apparently we need a clue here :), lol
Or to be told if we're right or not.
I would guess, but when I played through TR1 (you're guess sounds correct ^), I had no sound....