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26th Jul 2003, 02:48
Well, I just saw the movie tonight and well I am going to review Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Before I post my thoughts on the sequel to tomb raider, keep in mind that it is my own opinion and other might disagree.

OK lets just start by saying I was very disappointed by this movie. It didn't capture the tomb raider experience like the first one did. I though this tomb raider was going to be "Better, sexier, and darker." I thought the first movie was better, sexier, and darker. The storyline was just the "Bad guy trying to take over the world with a powerful item." Though the first had this type of storyline it still did it better than the sequel. The stunts Angelina Jolie didn't not quite impress as much as what she did in the first tomb raider movie. The ballet bungie scene is still a classic and I would rather watch Angelina do what she did in the first movie. Tomb Raider Cradle of Life just didn't capture the game feel. There was only two tombs and that was at the beginning of the film and the cradle of life at the end. Also the whole love plot line was so not Lara Croft and I thought that was a big mistake. The cg visuals were also kind of a joke. How in the world can you manage to punch a shark in the nose and grab the sharks fin and have the shark guide you to the surface? Everyone at the theater kind of giggled and chuckled a bit. But I have to say that the scenery was just breath taking. Those Greece shots were just amazing! Another disappointment, although not important were Lara's outfits. The first movie had more style in the wardrobe, but the outfits in this film were just kind of plain. I did like the wetsuit though and the beginning of the movie was indeed the best part. Other than that the movie was slow. I kind of missed Simon West because I think it captured that tomb raider feel perfectly. Well, after seeing the sequel I don't think I'm really eager to see the third installment. But when it does come lets just hope its better and that Simon West returns.


26th Jul 2003, 03:10
Personally, I thought that this wasn't going to be better than the first. I have yet to see it, but the whole storyline didn't sound original. I'm still gonna see it though (once I get the money to go).

26th Jul 2003, 03:11
I haven't seen the movie yet. I did the promotion for the theater here (I was Lara Croft) and there wasn't a good turn out at all. The employees at the theater were apologizing to me cause they got me in my outfit to entertain no one. I did manage to sneak a peek of the movie when i popped my head inside. It was when she was in the underwater tomb. I agree that the shark punching thing was kinda stupid. Then after all that they cut to the men in the airplane, and I got bored and left. I mean i'm still going to go see the movie, cause well, I just can't helpit.

26th Jul 2003, 11:22
"How in the world can you manage to punch a shark in the nose and grab the sharks fin and have the shark guide you to the surface? Everyone at the theater kind of giggled and chuckled a bit"

I havn't seen the movie yet, but I have small comment on your point of view :p I sometimes get so annoyed when people say who can some do that!! it's a movie... Lara did stuff in the first movie that's impossible.. But that's what makes it so mutch fun!! She just like a charlie's angel:cool: You should just watch the movie with out thinking it's possible or not!

26th Jul 2003, 14:03
Have you seen the movie? Once you see it, you will see what we're talking about. Shark Punching......lol

Notts Raider
26th Jul 2003, 15:36
Originally posted by TRaiderGurl
Shark Punching......lol

If you think about it, if someone punched you in the nose you would see stars and probably fall to the ground because it messes all your senses up.Same with a shark except it has more acute senses so has more of an effect when punched.

26th Jul 2003, 16:23
From what I've heard is if you bop a shark in the nose, the shark will run off. I dont know if its true or not. But the shark cg in this film looked so fake and cheesy. And the noises were awful that it made. The shark was roaring like a tigar :D. I know it is just a movie, but Jaws pulled off a realistic looking shark :D.

26th Jul 2003, 19:06
...For the 1st time am NOT really that interested in running out to see this 2nd TR Movie, & especially not the next TR7 game!

The movie plot does sound so plain & ordinary. I guess will go see the special effects when it comes to the local .99cent theater in a couple weeks. But the 1st movie had a bit TOO MUCH techno crap in it for me. Was okay, kind of...but sure could've been better.

Gene Shalit said he would've covered his eyes up on this one, but they were covering his ears! He said it was DOA.

I'm thinking the whole TR stuff now & for some time has been just to scrape off as much off a cash cow as possible...w/out much to the art or quality of story-telling or gaming. Eidos knows how to bugger stuff up for sure.

27th Jul 2003, 01:05
Ok maybe I over reacted in my first post since I was expecting something different with the tomb raider sequel.

::Might contain Spoilers::

But I was thinking of the first tomb raider movie today and noticed that Angelina acts more like Lara Croft in the second. In the first film it showed a sad Lara that cried alot. We saw a tougher lara and more action packed lara in the second. And the whole love plotline in Cradle of Life was actually kind of good. The semi-sex scene was great because Lara kissed Terry because she knew that he wanted to kiss her and then all of a sudden to cuff's him and asks which side he is on. Lara Croft is such a tease :D! I also love the part when Angelina needs to use the television at a family's home. Angelina smiles at the family and the little girl makes a bubble and it pops. It was just kind of funny and when Lara uses the gum to stick the gadget to the television. Then Lara licks her fingers after its been in the girls mouth. I was really disgusted by that part, but everyone in the movies theatre went "Ewwwwwwwww." And now that everyone mentions it, the action scenes were actually good. But I do miss the classic bungie scene in the first tomb raider with all the guards crashing through the windows. In someways I though Angelina acted a bit like Lara in the first film other than the whole father thing. Like when she was in the tomb of dancing light, the statue stands in front of Lara and Lara tilts her head, smiles, and then shoots the statue. I thought that part was so Lara. I liked the bad guys in the first film and I like the special effects in the first. I also kind of liked the mood in the first film and the outfits. But I did like that terry guy in the sequel. I am going to see the film again since I have a good feeling I will like it the second time. I might even by the DVD when it comes out and I hope it has alot of features like the first tomb raider DVD did.

27th Jul 2003, 13:25
Originally posted by TRaiderGurl
Have you seen the movie? Once you see it, you will see what we're talking about. Shark Punching......lol

No I havn't seen it jet.. It hasn't even come out here yet. But i'm defenitly going to see it, bacause no matter what it still is a tombraider movie:cool:

2nd Aug 2003, 19:35
I actually liked the 2nd movie better than the first. It was nice to see the Santori shots, and her try to pronounce the greek word LoL..cute .

2nd Aug 2003, 23:44
Ok I just read a review some moron wrote about Lara Croft 2 ....He actually thinks Charlies Angels 2 is better than Lara Croft 2?? You have got to be kidding me buddy.:rolleyes:

3rd Aug 2003, 10:06
I realley liked charlies angels 2, but i don't think you can compare it with tombraider.. It's a different genre.:D

Notts Raider
8th Aug 2003, 15:55
When I waited to see ‘Cradle of Life’, the thoughts going through my mind was,’ it had better be more enjoyable than the first installment’. I was so disappointed with Lara’s first outing on the big screen. Firstly the film was too short, it was badly edited and there was too much dithering around at the beginning, which probably led to the small amount of time actually Raiding Tombs.

The start of the film began with a small intro of a Greek wedding, nice happy joyful time for the couple involved, so why they had to spoil it by banging on a crappy DJ and playing some god awful music, is beyond me. Saying that, we get the idea that the following earthquake unearths something that many people seem very interested in, including our lovely Lady Croft. Lara enters as we would expect, in spectacular fashion, and now the race is on to find the orb in an underwater Tomb where we know Lara is very capable. This is the Lara we know and love, scaling walls, shimmying across cables and prizing the orb from its grasp at the top of a tomb that is collapsing around her. As always she is being pursued by some bad guys who happen to steel the globe from Lara and bugger off leaving our lovely hero to make her own way to the surface. I have seen other people’s comments about how silly the shark punching was, but it is Lara. Being smacked in the nose would leave anyone seeing stars and senseless let alone a shark which carries all its radar equipment in its nose, so that wasn’t out of the realm of serious possibility.

Thank god there wasn’t any dithering around at Croft Manor, Lara got straight into the plot and after picking up a sidekick and being literally dropped off in China, proceeded to ride the Great Wall of China on a motorbike at high speed (ah, its TR2 all over again, nice touch guys). From here the film goes from place to place on a hunt for the globe that will lead our characters to the cradle of life and Pandora’s Box. This hunt seems more like a spy film than a TR although quite enjoyable in itself. Lara eventually get the globe which is a map where to find the COL which leads us to Africa where it is said all life began, some would say Eden, except I doubt Adam and Eve were white middle class Europeans. Anyway I digress, back to the plot. Lara arrives in Africa hotly pursued by the bad guys who in a quite creepily fashion get consumed by some shadowy type guardians leaving Lara and the top baddy or boss man to fight it out over the box. Now to stick with what we know about our lovely Lara’s past exploits, the baddy should have opened the box, been possessed by it and Lara would have spent some time kicking its ass. Unfortunately it was not to be.

I enjoyed this film much more than the first and it was 1/2hr longer, Angelina seemed to be much more at home with the character, more natural this time and her English accent was impeccable. The only thing that spoiled it was the music and I know they are using music to appeal to people with the highest amount of disposable income, ie 18 – 24 yr olds. But an orchestra adds to the mood of the film.

10th Aug 2003, 13:03
I so a gree with you opinion Notts Raider, the sharking punching thing is 100% lara :D. I really like the soundrack of the movie, espssially the last track!

11th Aug 2003, 02:05
just say the movie. i liked it i think i like both movies bout the same. i only wish she would wear the original outfit u know the green tank top and brown shorts. that woulda been cool if she wore it once in the movie. and if she had her braid more in the movie. i also wish that they had more stunts and stuff in her house. but i loved it AJ is so awesome!

16th Aug 2003, 17:10
Well, I just watched the Cradle of Life and I must say I liked it much better than the first. The first movie seemed to have been made in a hurry, storyline, the feeling of shortness it left, everything. To cut it short, I didn't like the first at all.
Now, you can say this is more like 007 (Indy Jones would do better), you can say it contains rather unrealistic scenes... what else did you expect? I, for instance, thought the final reactions of Lara's friend were frankly uncalled for, I also don't see how there could be that airhole down below the ocean, I thought the use of the shark was truly 007 like, etc. So what? I liked it better because the storyline is more solid and precisely because they tried to make a movie instead of establishing some sort of failed compromise between a movie and a game. A film is a film and a game is a game - one will never be the other, try it and you'll end up destroying one of them or both. Eidos, who seem to be very confused about TR (the movie and the game) right now, should try and understand that. And that is my humble opinion, but still my opinion...