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26th Jul 2003, 00:13
did the 16 bit color thing got sound to movie and esc to parisan ally Lara standing in the rain moveing in slow mo likeI feelb after buying this game ,dont want to wreck my comp. trying to make this sobaod work . Got dirX 9a got patch checked enable box Noticed answers to this problem arev short but nothin worked after the tip from zocor Ithink . I have a compaq fs740 Window Me :confused:

26th Jul 2003, 12:42
What is your video card?

27th Jul 2003, 15:15
Originally posted by CyCro
What is your video card? :o s3GraphicsInc ProSavage memory 8mb Direct draw 1.00 Software 4.0 refreshrate optimal. Oh Ya its A Compaq 5000

27th Jul 2003, 23:00
Your graphics card doesn't support T&L (which it has to to run AOD)

You can check this on the Eidos support page.


29th Jul 2003, 00:53
Thanks hope all the reboots didnt hurt. What a let down Core,Eidos.

29th Jul 2003, 11:46
Not only your card doesn't support TnL, but it's also too low on memory. You can't blame Eidos for that. Actually, you can't run any of the newer titles with that video card. :(

29th Jul 2003, 13:10
Hey guys,
I bought a Powercolor ATI 9600 PRO Bravo Edition, the one that comes with Tomb Raider: AOD .
I get the exact error ! I guess it's not due to the graphics card.
Can you please help me ? I would realy like to play the game... :rolleyes:

29th Jul 2003, 17:14
Have you updated your drivers?
Go to www.ati.com to get them....

Did you install directx9?

29th Jul 2003, 17:45
Catalyst 3.6

and yes DirectX 9 . That's why I wasn't expecting any error.

30th Jul 2003, 01:48
thatS big bucks still looking for right card. Let us know results for kill hunt

30th Jul 2003, 10:04
Well... I was searching ATI Control Panel and changed somethings at Direct3D options.
I can now run the game... but to be honest I expected better frame rates, well... I guess you can't have all you want. :rolleyes: