View Full Version : Looking for *blub* undersea sounds!

25th Jul 2003, 17:58

I have this great undersea-screensaver with literally dozens of beautiful fish swimming in front of me on my computer screen and it's not only the very best but also the most peaceful screensaver I've ever had! Only ... I only have two different kinds of undersea-sounds: 1 sort of bubble and 1 sort of splash and that makes the entire thing a bit empty qua audio, don't you think?

So hence this question:

Can anybody give me a site where one can download undersea-sounds for free? And they really need to be sounds from deep under water because my backgrounds of my screensaver are truly situated deep beneath the ocean and so the sounds have to match that same atmosphere!

Thank you very much! I've been looking all over the net trying with words such as undersea, submarine, bubbles, splashes, underwater, etc .... but no success so far! :(

I hope you can help! It's something silly ... I know. But to me it's becoming annoying to constantly have to hear those two very same sounds. If I could only have as many underwater-sounds as I could have fish? :)

Thank you!

Bye for now

Notts Raider
25th Jul 2003, 19:11
Is it the digifish aquarium, if it is then its fantastic, but i'm sure there is some sounds with it.

25th Jul 2003, 22:44

there are some there

25th Jul 2003, 22:46
sorry, just realized that you have to pay for those sounds