View Full Version : saving on the ps2 playing ts2

25th Jul 2003, 14:45
hi kitten john for wiltshire here looking to find out how to save my game when playing ts2 for some reason i have to keep starting from the begining memory card in and formated are there trigger point on the way around or can isave my game any time.

please help

4th Aug 2003, 15:46
On my time splitters 2 game after I beat a level on arcade league, custom, story mode and 2 player story and arcade league and challage, just in all after I do anything even replay a level it says aoto saving player one (or two). Aoto saveing could just be for a game cube what a=I have. I can only help you in 3 ways, 1 buy game shark it beats your games, 2 play everthing on easy so you beat levels faster, 3 get a meemory card.