View Full Version : Could a patch be in the works?

Yankee Flash
25th Jul 2003, 03:55
Even though I may not be a member of the TombRaider elite.
I do own a copy of every TR game, and have had great fun playing them. TRAOD is no exception....(here it comes)... However, the Roll/ Target dosent seem to work as expected. I am having a tough time with Boaz as a result. I'm sure Ill eventually get it but..... I have also noticed that objects in other rooms will be targeted sight unseen. Would a patch be possible to fix the target issue? or is it just me.
Thanks for another GREAT game.
P.S. I miss the "secret" areas.:cool:

25th Jul 2003, 12:44
What is the TombRaider elite? ;)

No it's not just you, The targeting activates even if the enemy is in another room sometimes. As for the Boaz, just keep shooting while moving left and right and trying to switch targets, it works, even though you dont'see the bullets going to the right place. :)