View Full Version : Machanist's special ability?!? Please help!

24th Jul 2003, 19:31
I was playing a team deathmatch on Custom Arcade on the level Site, when something weird happened. In the oppositions team was the character Mechanist (a personal favourite) and he did something quite extra-ordinary. I had dual SBP 90's and with the Mechanist's low stamina, I of course fancied my chances. I went in guns blazing, and he did a few acrobatics, then turned invisible (without a shimmer outline, only the marker above his head). He had not picked up an invisibility pick-up, and he was completely invisible, un-like the shimmer left when you walk into an invisibility icon. I found this weird but kept blasting. He then lost the invisibility for a few seconds, and then resumed back into it. He continued to flicker in and out of invisibility, in around five second spans. Something else I noticed was he was invulnerable, when invisible, and when not, and that none of my bullets had any effect. Previously in the match he did not have these bizarre characteristics, and I had only experienced it one before, and that too was against a Mechanic. I initially thought it was a glitch, but now I am less sure. I had character abilities on, but I never new characters had abilities such as that, apart from it resembling that of the Reaper splitters in story mode, except without the shimmer when invisible. Has anyone else encountered this glitch/ability and if so, is it exclusive to the Mechanic as an ability or a simple glitch that can affect any character?

24th Jul 2003, 19:58
Just a glitch that happens to any bot now and again (suually when using something flashy which is fast eg SBP 90 or plasma rifle).

PS: Try to ask for help in the 'Help' topic cos you'll get an answer quicker and it makes it easier for people with the same problem to get help (insead of your post going down the list and then people posting the same thing again).

Ab ^_^